It’s quit a long stepn because of the drying time, but it’s not a difficult one. When I finish the previous step, I kwon that I should protect the foam before painting it, but I didn’t really know how. It was a friend of mine who’s doing cosplay for years who advised me of the papier maché method. Today, I’m glad I followed her lead because, I’m pretty much satisfied of the results. I covered the foam with a layer of papier maché (about 2mm I think).
Keep In mind that when it dry, the papier maché settle, so if you need more thickness, you can add another layer of papier maché when the first one is totaly dry (count 24h to be sure). Don’t let it dry to fast or the layer could crack.

On my Carnifex, it looks like that :


When it was totally dry and after correcting some imperfections, I sanded the upper part of the gun. I didn’t do the grip to keep the roughness to mimic the material actually used.


Unfortunately, it’s here I figure I forgot to do some carving… The line on the grip, the shape of the rivet for the most important. It wasn’t so easy the carve the papier maché without ruin all the work ! I took the opportunity to correct symmetry and improve certain parts like the bottom of the barrel that has a “mesh”.

Finally :

Avancée Carnifex-003

I think it begin to take shape of a real Carnifex. It’s not perfect, but I glad of what I did.

I bought some thin sheets of foam to do the canon and different buttons.


The color don’t matter, because it will be coated with paint used against infiltration on roofs to isolated the foam and papier maché. It surely have a name, but, I don’t know the english one. In France, what it’s commonly used by cosplayers it’s called “DIP etanch”. I cut the pieces, but I don’t buy glue to fix it… Sometimes, I want to avance too fast. So, I forgot lot of things… I just put the pieces on the “gun” to get an idea of what wouldit look once stuck.

Avancée Carnifex1

I can’t wait to progress more. I will come to you soon 🙂 Feel free to leave comments or share my blog if you like it!

Seeya !


This is – so far – the longest part of my job ! In my french blog, it takes me more than 4 posts to describe gradualy the evolution of this step.

It was long but I love precision, and precision require lot of time. And there are so much to do on the Carnifex ! And don’t forget it is my first experience on this, so… I discover the things to do/not to do little by little.


I add the 3 pieces on the bottom of the weapon (3 squares) and “triangle” piece in front of the Carnifex : avancc3a9e-carnifex2-002

And more carving…avancc3a9e-carnifex2-004


And more…avancc3a9e-carnifex2-006

I add a piece of cardboard because I need more thickness and all the reliefs are done. It is much easier than carving the foam.



On the upper photo, it was several details I did :

1 – I finished the work on the hilt! Finally .. I think: p Normally, this is good, except for the sanding that that will come later.

2 – Little three holes on each side were pierced.

3 – Going hand in hand with the hilt, I refined the rear of the weapon.

4 – I enlarged the size of “button”, it will be easier afterwards.

5 – One last detail done on the front …

6 – I’ve also reworked the bottom of the gun for better symmetry (I HATE symmetry)

7 – I cut the reliefs additions on the bottom (I had completely forgot it before …)

8 – And finally, I added a piece of foam on the indicated part to be straight.

Then, I dig the large hole were there are “MAGNUS” written. I did it with a mini sander use for model. I let you see what it looks like just below :


I also enlarge the relief in the cardboard :


So. All that’s left to do now, is to finish the sanding, and this part is done ! It probably could be better, this is a lot  of fiddlings and I know it is sometimes clumsy, but I like what I did, and I think this is important ^^ I also see now that I should have done 2 or 3 things before beginning the next step, but, now it is to late !

If you want more information, or have questions, ask me, I will be pleased to answer it.

This part is quite short. It consist on cutting the shape of the weapon and draw it on the foam. I use needles to fix the paper on the foam.

dscn6064 dscn6067

I draw the shape on the 2 sides of the sheet. The most difficult part was to match the both sides (I hate symmetry !)


Once this is ok, you can begin to cut the foam. Use blades that cut very very well to have a clean cut. To be honest, the Carnifex I’m working on is not my first try ! I cut a first on but it was a huge mess, the cuts were awful, it wasn’t symmetric, so… I restart and I was more careful this time and use my fine blades. If you want  something cutting very well, you could also try to found a scalpel. Whatever what you are using, just be very very careful using it. If it cut the foam easily, it could also cut your fingers as well ! Work on a stable worktop, with nothing to incommode you. I insist. Security is important 😉

It looked like this :avancc3a9e-carnifex-001

A little straight, isn’t it ? It isn’t perfect but it is much better than my first try. The Carnifex will take his well-known shape during the step 3.

This is maybe one of the easiest part, but it has to be done well. The first part consist on regrouping blueprints of the object you want to do. It has to be on the 1:1 dimension and as detailed as possible.

For the Carnifex, I found 2 docs :

– Directly from the game, the weapon’s reference by Troodon80

M6 Carnifex

He did an amazing jod with all this references and it is really enjoyable for cosplayers !

– The second one is a design by Punished Props :

blueprint Carnifex

For first steps, I mostly used the second one and the first one is mostly for the details after.

Once you have this, you can print it at 1:1 scale (you could enlarge a little the blueprint to make sure the object won’t be to small after sanding down it).

The material I use is a sheet of insulating foam (about 1.6 inches) that I cut to size (20in x  14in if I remember well). I also bought a kit with different little blades for cutting it. It was more precise than a current cutter.

This photo show the tools I use :


1- The sheep of foam, it is dense foam, which is good.

2- Masks against the dust when you are cutting or sand down.

3- My blades !

4- Markers for the drawing part.

Now it is time to proceed to the second part.